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Hello there :-)

I am obviously new, and I knew that I just had to join, because though I am one who loses men, I am also one, that has a lot of terrific stories and memories to share! Well...currently, I am in love with this guy! He graduated this year, and it makes me sad about how awful the timing was of our meeting! We met, after school one day because he was hanging with his friends, who I happen to know, and I decided to join them, while waiting for my ride home! He is just so bizarre, such as myself, and that is what we both loved and adored about each other! He told me that he thought I was just so awesome, and he asked me for my number, and I gladly gave it to him! I did not expect anything, which I am glad I didn't because he never called me, like he said! I was a little bummed, but I got over it easily! Well...the next day, he found me, and walked up to me, and he said that he was just busy, so he was sorry for not calling! Hehe! :-) I had to go home, but before I did, I asked him for his email, and he gave it to me all happy! We then spoke online that night for hours upon hours on end! :-) I did not want it to end! *sighs* But it had to, and before then, he asked me out on a date! :-) Hehe! :-) I said YES immediately, because I just really liked this guy, and I was starting to recover from a heartache, and so it was nice to be asked by someone I liked! Like a breathe of fresh air for me! :-) So after school on that Friday, we went to his place! :-) We hung out, and got to know each other for a while, and then he took me to this terrific Japanese restaurant called "Hibachi's!" It was so awesome there, and he was absolutely charming, which surprised me, because he is a goth, and I always thought he was mean! LOL! But he wasn't! See...I have known of him for a couple of years now, and I just always thought of him as this really hot, yet mean guy! was quite a pleasant surprise that he was even giving me the time of day, and being nice! :-) So after dinner, and hanging around, we went back to his place! He likes candles and being in the dark, just like I do! So we just layed there and held each other on his bed, and talked a little bit! But then, we started to kiss! :-) I loved every minute of it, and though I have only known him for like a week, one thing lead to another! I slept with him, and was the greatest! :-) Afterward, he told me that he really liked me a lot, and he actually loved me! :-) I was so happy, words cannot describe how happy I felt! :-) But the evening had to end *sighs* and so he took me home! After that, he kept swinging by to see me at school, and we talked forever online, and everything was just perfect! :-) But judging from what happened to me before, I should have known that it wasn't going to last! See...I am not a naive girl, I just love being in love! I had just been in the lowest place after my first love dumped me for months, and then he came along, and I just couldn't help myself! Well...I found out, that he had been with another girl! I was crushed, because though we weren't together, I was hoping that we would be! I still love him though! We still chat all of the time, but I just can't help but feel well...heartbroken! Heh...:-( I still have hope though! I just need to learn not be my annoying and clingy self, which is not working, because he is currently annoyed with me! :-( But I love him, and I always will be! Just a hopeless romantic, I am! Heh...:-) Well anway, sorry for the incredibly long story! I am glad to be here, and I hope to talk to you guys real soon! :-) Bye for now!

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